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Grab 5 Layouts x3

Hey there!
I was watching Inkie Quill YouTube videos, as I do every week, and last week she did another Grab 5 project. I haven't done one for a long time, so I decided to head straight to my craft desk and get cracking.
If you have not heard of a Grab 5 before, or have not done one, what you do is you grab 5 items out of your stash to use on a project - you can use others items as well, but you MUST use those 5 in one way or another. In the recent Inkie Quill video I think she used three items that were brand new, that had just arrived in the post. I went in the other direction and pulled out 5 items that have been in my stash for ages and I really wanted to use them - or get rid of them. They were seriously that old and because I don't like wasting anything I really wanted to use them up in any way I could - and the fact all 5 had to be on my layout I had to get quite creative sometimes. It was a serious challenge and I loved it - hence I made three layouts!
My 5 items:


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