Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Grab 5 #1

Good Morning everyone in Scrappy Land!
So I have something new today, a new way of scrapping with your own supplies. All credit goes to Inkie Quill for the idea! She has a Grab 5 series on her YouTube Channel which I love and think is a brilliant idea, so I have done a version myself.
What you do is grab 5 things from your stash and create a project that must incorporate all 5 products. They can be old products, new products, partial packs, complete packs - completely up to you. They must be 5 different products, and from different collections for more of a challenge. You can use other products too, as long as you use all 5 of these ones as well.
These are the products I included in my first ever Grab 5:
- Kaisercraft "Rewind" 6x6 inch paper pad
- Basic Grey "Archaic" rub-ons
- Various cut-aparts and printables
- Various washi tapes
- Words printed on velum squares that have been in my stash for years and years and I never use and don't know where they're even from
 And the layout I created:
I love how it turned out. I included things I otherwise wouldn't of, like the rub-on dinosaur and caveman paintings, but they tie in nicely.
So did I use them all? Of Course!
- Kaisercraft "Rewind" 6x6 inch paper pad ~ layers, layers, layers. And all the circles are punched from the paper too.
- Basic Grey "Archaic" rub-ons ~ I didn't think I had that many left, but they're everywhere!
- Various cut-aparts and printables ~ used as layers behind the photo, cut up and used as the frame on the photo, 'keeping cool' added in the cluster on the left, and even cut into a banner there as well.
- Various washi tapes ~ used in the layers on the top, side and bottom.
- Words printed on velum squares ~ I cut the word out and stuck that at the top of the photo. I only used the one. I can see why I never use them.
This was a great way of scrapping. It was so much fun. It was challenging. It made me think of using products in different ways. It made me incorporate things I typically wouldn't. It helped me use up some of my stash.
I loved it so much I made two layouts. Check back next week for the second one!
Thanks for stopping by.
Jessica T

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Acetate Light Bulbs

Hi there,

I have recently been watching a few YouTube videos about crafting, especially when my craft desk was unusable, and I love to watch a couple while washing the dishes to keep me sane. I have stumbled upon a new favourite - Adele Toomey AKA Inkie Quill. She is so happy and so full of energy you can't help but want to run straight to your craft space after watching a video. A lot of what she makes isn't my personal crafting style, but she still inspires me immensely. Just because I typically don't do bright, busy layouts with lots of mixed media doesn't mean I can't utilise many of her techniques with my own colour schemes and products.

She has tutorials on just about everything, including making your own kit. Many people subscribe to kits and have them delivered monthly, with everything you need to make a ton of projects and it's all matching (and of course newly released). I have never been able to purchase a kit, but I like the idea of making my own from my own supplies so that I can quickly make a layout or two if I've got a small amount of time as I won't need to search for matching supplies. I haven't yet made a kit, but now know exactly what to include, and will document it and do a blog post when I do.

In one of her kits she included something she's had for years and never used, and I'm also in the same boat with the exact same product. Maya Road acetate light bulbs. They are so cute but what on earth do you do with them? I have never seen a completed project using them. Although I never saw her use them either, she mentioned a couple of ideas as she put them in her kit and that was all the inspiration I needed. My project for you today is, finally, using those acetate light bulbs.

This is what they looked like to start with:

 (I really need to cover my 'new' desk, sorry about that).

Adele mentioned she could turn them into balloons, or back them with patterned paper. So here are my now balloon shaped light bulbs:

I drew on them with felt pens to get a shape I wanted before cutting them with scissors, and then you just rub it off when you're done. I cut the black edge off as it looked a bit weird after some of it had been cut off when re-shaping them into balloons. 

I then backed them with patterned paper scraps:
And used them on cards:
When I had done a major sort of my stash before out last major move, I donated a ton of products to my sons school and I know I had originally included these light bulbs. Then I took them out of the box again as they were so cute and I wanted to use them one day! They were more likely destined for my sons craft stash if I hadn't heard Adele mention turning them into balloons, as it had never occurred to me to alter them. So Thank You Adele for the inspiration for these cards!

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you have found some inspiration in using your supplies in different ways, altering your existing products, or finding a new YouTube channel to watch!

Jessica T

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Little Lady Birthday Cards

Hello, it's nice to have you stop by!
As I mentioned in a previous post, once I finally got my craft desk cleared off, the first thing I created was a card for my nieces birthday. Today I have a bit of a step-by-step for that.
I started with this piece of 4x6 cardstock which I had previously added the letter H rub-ons too. I didn't know what I would do with it at the time, but knew that I would find a use one day as I had a niece with an H initial.
On the left side I used a stencil with pale pink and pale yellow mists, and on the right I just spritzed with pink mist. I then cut them apart.
I then matted both pieces with multiple patterned paper scraps.

Then I added those onto card bases, which I had covered with different pieces of patterned paper. I also stamped a Happy Birthday sentiment on little banners, and added those to the card with foam dots for dimension.
Next it was time to embellish:

Why would I create two cards with the initial H and number 2? I actually have two nieces with names beginning with H, who are born a few months apart, so one will be used now and one later on. 
(Both those families have two daughters, with both sisters names beginning with P! Uncanny)

I actually designed this card the other way round but had accidentally stuck the H piece on upside down and couldn't move it. So I stuck the Birthday sentiment on anyway thinking I could make it work, but the composition was all wrong so I had to cut the card front off and trim one side down and put it on another card front.
As the card base is quite busy on this one it really didn't need much embellishing. The number 2 and tiny deer were enough.
The second card base was much more pale and needed brightening up. I added a couple of black elements to tie in the black H's, along with a few mint coloured circles and then bright pink butterflies.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope this inspired you to reach into your stash and make something outside your norm!

Jessica T

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Homemade Avengers Birthday Party

Hi again!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had made the invites and décor for my sons birthday recently. So today I have that to show you.
First up, the invites. Sorry about the very poor photo - they were made at night (and gone by daylight in the morning) and I only have one regular overhead room light in there (must add additional lighting!).

We don't currently own a printer, so everything you see here today is made by finding an image on the internet, tracing it onto a piece of white paper off the computer screen, then using that as a stencil to cut out paper pieces.
The invite fronts are all made with different pieces of blue paper in the shape of the Avengers 'A' symbol. The reverse side had the party details, and along the left hand edge I drew the Avengers symbols with coloured pens (starting with a circle traced around a metal thimble - it was the perfect size!) They are actually pretty simple to draw. I wasn't after perfection, everything was going to be handmade and I am not an artist in the drawing sense.
Then I started on Décor pieces. I did each of the 6 main Avengers on a 12x12 piece of white cardstock. Each is handmade from a selection of materials - paper, felt pens and paint.

For Black Widow, I started with some red paper. It was no where near bright enough as I simply don't own any bright red (I had used the last of my red cardstock on Captain America) so I did add a few layers of red paint on top afterwards. The outside was coloured with black paint.

Iron Man started with blue paper, surrounded with grey felt pen, then filled in with black felt pen (as I had already done Black Widow and thought felt pens would be so much easier than paint).

My absolute favourite is Thor:

Made entirely of different paper pieces.
Tiny little strips added to the handle.

And even a metallic black for the metal accents on his hammer.
I must get a photo of them all together on the floor, but here they all are hanging up once completed:

I also put together a balloon wall, including three 12 inch honeycomb balls, and an Avengers duvet cover draped over our blue couch.

There were also other décor bits that aren't photographed, both purchased and handmade. And I also made all the party food - Pinterest inspired, one item for each Avenger. Think Captain America Jelly, Hulk pudding, Iron Man honey bubble, Thor hammers. AND I DIDN'T TAKE A SINGLE PHOTO. So, so disappointed.

I wanted to do something a little different for the goodie bags. I purchased a bunch of matchbox cars, attempting to match each one to one of the Avengers, and then altered the packaging.

If we owned a printer I would've printed images in a size to suit, however these images are from Avengers packaging - and ironically the Hulks image is tiny, so he's not as cool as the others. I thought it added something they wouldn't have received before, in amongst the other goodies.

And lastly the card. This too is made from packaging, and I really like how it turned out - since I had given it no forethought.

Thanks for stopping by today.

I hope this inspires you to try something a little different for your next event. Nothing has to be perfect - when it's all together it looks awesome anyway! It is so much cheaper than purchasing everything, and is so much more personal and special.

Jessica T

Friday, 5 August 2016

I'm back from a crafting hiatus!

Hi all, nice to 'see' you again!

I was posting semi-regularly for a while there and then nothing for a few weeks. Sorry about that. What happened? Life. I hadn't sat down at my desk to craft for well over a month. Well that's not 100% true - I haven't made a layout for a couple of months, but I did make a quick card one day in the middle.

The reason it all stopped was because my son's birthday was coming up so in the last week of June I started making birthday invites. Then I made birthday decor and goodie bags. On his actual birthday I realised I hadn't made him a birthday card, so I quickly made one of those too. (A blog post with that will be ready next week.)

And by then it was the school holidays (two weeks), so I don't get any time crafting. My craft desk and supplies are in the spare room, and that room becomes the dumping ground for 'stuff' that hasn't found a home yet (anyone else spend months trying to unpack into a new house that is completely different from your last one? Oh, with minimal storage too.) And before I knew it my desk was completely buried. Like completely.
After spending many, many hours in there over a couple of days my desk is now visible again for the first time in weeks, and is ready for crafting (and the whole house is finally unpacked - well damn close anyway.) So freakin excited - it has been driving me nuts. It is my nieces' birthday party this weekend so my first project was a birthday card (look out for that blog post soon).
 (Sorry about the early morning poor lighting)
So if you've made it all the way to the end, Thank You! I hope to be crafting a lot more regularly now, and hopefully (fingers crossed) having something to post at least once a week, starting next week!

See you again soon.
Jessica T