Monday, 20 June 2016

Homemade Water Colour Cards

Hello there!
A few weeks ago when I was showing my water colour cards I had made for my blank card set I said I was making some more - and I finally have those to show you today (I had photographed them earlier but the photos were a complete disaster...)
The three cards are each made from the same colours, punched from a piece of cardstock that I had water coloured (and I think my young son may have been involved) quite some time ago - a few years I think. The colour combo isn't my standard go-to colours but I thought they looked really nice together.
And here they are:
And the individual cards:
I simply punched 1 inch circles and arranged them in alternating colours in a grid pattern centered on the front of my card. Easy and affective.
I didn't use any foam dots on the cards (to be honest I completely forgot) but when you only add your adhesive on one side of the circle, rather than covering the back, they don't stick down flat and have some dimension and interest.
I used two sizes of star punch for this card. Sometimes I use three.
When making the star cards I like to add some white stars amongst the coloured ones (I don't do it with the circles or half circles). It adds some depth without taking away from the overall design of the card.
The half circles are simply 1 inch punched circles cut through the middle. Ensure you line them up straight when adhering them to your card.
I will add the appropriate sentiment for the occasion when I choose to use this card, as it looks unfinished without one - but I don't want to add it now as it then dictates what occasion it has to be used for. I think the others look perfectly fine without a sentiment, but this one doesn't.
Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you've found some inspiration - whether the pattern, the technique, the colours or the materials used.
Until next time,
Jessica T

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Another Pink Layout!

Hello everyone in crafty land!
While I still had all my flower embellishments out on my desk from my previous post, I had the inspiration to do another layout with some of them. It quickly morphed into a feminine/ pink layout rather than a flowery one, but I did still use up the remnants of one packet.
I had created much of the layout before choosing a photo, so once again I was very stuck as to what picture to use - so another super oldie it is!
And here is the layout:
I used a kraft background for this one - I haven't done that for quite a while.
And although you cannot tell in any of the photos I took, the half circles at the bottom are actually pink water colour, not white.
 A mix and match title. It was fun finding different alphas to mix and match (I need to try a really long title in this style one day very soon - watch this space)
 A flair thingy. I've had a packet of them for a couple (or more) years and just do not use them. But they're so cool! I needed some black embellishments and this was perfect for the job.
 These dress form brads are from the same collection as the flair.
I added three pink half circles in amongst the light ones.
I thought adding some little dress details was perfect for the layout subject.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Jessica T

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Video Inspiration and Scrapping your Stash

Hello there!
One of my favourite activities to do in my downtime - a few spare minutes while cooking dinner, in the ads while watching an evening TV program, lying awake in the middle of the night, that kind of thing - is to browse for crafting inspiration. That includes visiting my favourite blogs, browsing Pinterest, and most recently watching tutorials on YouTube.
In this last week I have created a layout for the first time in a very long time (10 months to be exact - yip almost a whole year. Geesh I didn't realise it had been THAT long). Have you ever done something regularly for 10 ish years and then stopped, completely, for 10 months before trying to start where you left off? Most people could answer running to that question!!! (I don't recommend it - never stop!) It is difficult. I think that is where watching video tutorials has helped a great deal. I know I haven't forgotten how to do it - my head just thinks I have. I don't need a step by step video to be able to create a layout, I just like them to see what goes on behind the finished product - doing this here balances this here, adding this here instead of here creates better ... etc etc.
That's enough babble for now. You get it.
I took inspiration from this layout from Paige Evans.
(Love her work. Have followed her for a few years now. Big Fan.)
 photo One.jpg
It is from this post here, which has other photos and an accompanying video (it's a few years old now but that isn't a concern to me).
This layout was done as a scrap your stash - flowers. I have a big selection of flower products that I cannot get rid of, yet haven't seemed to be able to find a use for. So creating a layout like this would use up a huge portion of that stash! (Wrong, it barely made a dent, but anyway...)
My process:
Get all your flower products out first. All types of different flowers. Then you know exactly what you've got and can be thinking about which ones you might like to use as you're going through the next steps.
  Draw a simple flower shape on the back of a piece of cardstock. Use pencil if you need multiple attempts like I did.
Then cut it out with a trusty pair of scissors. Don't cut in from the edge of your cardstock, cut from inside the flower/ shape.
Use a metal or electronic die if you have one to make these two steps that much simpler.
Use your newly cut shape as a stencil to roughly draw the shape onto another piece of cardstock so you know the area you need to fill.
 Then fill it up. Occasionally putting the cut piece on top so you know what it looks like and what needs changing or filling.
I also edged mine with strips of coordinating paper.
 The cut piece is adhered on top with foam dots, as are some of the flowers. Others are flat. Some are dimensional. I've got paper, felt, and glossy/ enamel elements too.
 Brads too. Not flower shaped but flower print.
 Some are big, others small. Some intricate, others plain. And in this format they all go together so well.
And the finished product:
 As I was making the layout I actually had no idea what photo I was going to use - which is completely backwards for me. I don't have an adorable daughter to scrap. Nor do I have a photo printer to print any picture I wanted at home (or a local printer in my new hometown). So I looked through my photo albums - knowing it needed to be a girl (with the complete flower layout and all), and that the picture/s needed to be small to fit on the edge of my layout - I'm not willing to cover up a whole bunch of embellishments that I could've added to another project. And this is what I found - a lovely pic of my mum and myself taken some years ago.
So thanks to Paige for the inspiration, and I hope you too feel inspired - to scrap your stash, scrap lift, or using only one shape on a project (and it doesn't have to be flowers). And if you're feeling like you're in a crafting rut don't only look at pictures, find some crafting videos to watch too.
Thanks for stopping by today,
Jessica T
I wonder how good I am at drawing dinosaurs ...

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tropical Colouring

I did some more colouring last week and had a lot of fun. I don't own any of those fancy pens or anything. This time I used coloured pencils. They're great as you can blend them really well. You just need to keep a pencil sharpner handy as you need a fine lead for small areas.

The picture had tropical leaves and a toucan, so I chose some bright, tropical colours and got going. I started with the toucan - they have a lot of black on them which won't show all the lovely detail so I switched a few of his colours around. I like him. Then I got onto some leaves. I wanted to keep each type of leaves in the same colourway. I only had four pencils for all the leaves (dark green, lighter green that didn't match the others particularly well, yellowy green, and yellow) so coming up with different combos got difficult by the end!
These first couple of photos show the beginnings of my page:
The finished details:
And my completed page:
I was very pleased with my end result!
I hope this inspires you to do some colouring of your own, and don't feel intimidated if you don't own any fancy colouring pens!
Until next time,

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Blank Multipurpose Card Set Part 5

Thanks for stopping by today to look at my final installment of my blank, multipurpose card set I recently completed as a gift.

This final lot wasn't made using a 6x6 inch paper pad like the other five lots were, this lot was made with water colour paper (cardstock actually) that I made myself - with a little help from a certain 5 year old if I remember correctly.

this lot was a ton of fun to create and I enjoyed every second of it. In the following week or so I made some more - totally different, but the same principal of punching and colour matching from the multi coloured cardstock (I'll show you that lot another day).

Over to the cards:

I'm not a purple person, but I do like this card. I love that it's not solid purple - each piece has other colours running through it like blue or yellow.

I love the mix of light colours and white.
And blue is always lovely as a water colour.
Thank you for stopping by,
Jessica T