Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Blank Multipurpose Card Set Part 4

Today I have the fifth lot of three cards to show you (I know it's part 4, but there were two lots in the first post!)
If you're just chiming in today, my multipurpose blank card set is a set of cards that I have made for someone that they can use for a myriad of occasions. None of them have sentiments. While some are more suited towards women, some for men, and some for the wee ones, the occasions they can be used for a varied - birthdays, farewells, get well soon, even sympathy.
The set is made up of six lots of three - each of the lots of three is made from one 6x6 paper pad. Make sense? Anyway, here is today installment, made using the most beautiful collection from Kaisercraft called Sweet Pea.
Although it is made as a baby collection, you can see that these cards could be used as baby cards or a card for your girl friend. They are simply gorgeous, as this collection is amazing.
That floral elephant is divine. Adhered with a foam dot gives it so much dimension.
The colours in this collection are simply the most beautiful pastels. I love the paper at the top with all the animals made from different patterns.
The pink floral paper at the bottom is a specialty paper with spot varnish. Absolutely beautiful.
Thank you so much for stopping by today,
Jessica T
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Monday, 23 May 2016

Blank Multipurpose Card Set Part 3

Once again I welcome you to viewing my most recent card set, one that is blank and multipurpose. It is made up of six lots of three cards - each lot of three being made from one 6x6 paper pad.
This lot of three cards is made using the fun Kaisercraft Rock Pool collection, again an old collection, and again still wonderful!
This collection has some super fun accents, like the adorable whale. The paper at the top is specialty paper with spot varnish, for that paper all the images are varnished. It shines in different light (not ideal for photographing) but makes it look extra special for the recipient.
And how about that turtle? And jellyfish?
I love the mix of green, blue, brown and white/ cream. Great combo. The colours in this collection are still a favourite of mine.
Thank you for coming by today,
Jessica T
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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Blank Multipurpose Card Set Part 2

Thanks for stopping by to see the second installment of the card set I recently made.
Blank and Multipurpose - it's exactly what it sounds like. There are cards more suited for women, some more suited for men, some for little boys, some for little girls, but none of them have a sentiment on them. This means they can be for birthdays, or farewells, or get well soon, or missing you, or even for a sympathy card.
This particular lot of three cards was made using the Kaisercraft Rewind collection. Once again it is a 6x6 paper pad that I have had for a few years already, but I like it and think it is still perfect for the boys in our lives, big or small - there is nothing wrong with older products!
Foam dots make accents pop, and make projects look that extra bit special.
This collection has specialty pages with silver foil on them which are fun to mix it up and add dimension with in another way.
And there are also specialty pages with spot varnish on them, in this instance chevrons on the black paper. It looks great and is more interesting than if it was plain black.
Thanks for stopping by today,
Jessica T
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Monday, 16 May 2016

Jumping in at the deep end


I was asked if I could make a card set (of 20 or so cards) when I was moving into my new house. Of course I said yes, but I had to wait until my crafting area was set up and crafting supplies unpacked. Well with two free days before deadline I remembered! Oh no, what now?

I have made a few card sets in the past, mainly as Thank You sets for the arrival of a new baby, and the cards in those sets have all been made from the same collection so they're all matching (25 - 30 of them). But I get so lost. I lose inspiration. I can do a few and then don't know where to go from there.

The fact I have done absolutely minimal crafting in over half a year, the idea of doing a card set was incredibly daunting. I knew I had to do it differently than I usually would. And instead of having a few ideas, I actually set myself some rules - and stuck to them. It might sound a bit silly, I'm only talking about making cards, but it helped immensely and I got them all done in two half days (that's good timing for me!)

So what did I do?

I pulled out my white card stock and my 6x6 paper pads - they're designed for small projects so would be easier to deal with for this task. I grabbed my other essentials and set them out neatly - my first rule came to mind: keep my space clean as I know I can think clearer when my space is clear.

I picked out the first paper pad and a piece of 12x12 card stock which I cut into three 4x12 inch pieces for my card bases - my second rule came to mind: make three cards (use one piece of 12x12 card stock) from a paper pad then pack it away and start with another one.

I turned my stereo on, pushed play on my CD and my final rule came to mind: when my CD finishes I must get up, have a walk around, do any chores and have a drink. My CDs vary in length from about 45 minutes to 1hr 15 minutes and I was definitely ready for a break on the longer ones!

This system worked really well for me. I didn't get stuck as I usually would, and I got them done nice and quickly (by my standards). What works for you might be similar or entirely different, but sometimes setting yourself actual rules may assist in getting projects done smoothly and quickly.

Now onto the cards. I will show you two sets of three today. They are using the same paper pad, but completely different papers from it (as it was such a versatile pad) and the two sets weren't made consecutively.
Both sets were made using the Kaisercraft Seaside Collection (it is old, like years old, as are most of my products to be honest - I have no problem using older products, you just need to try and use them in a more modern way).
The red scroll paper is flocked, and the spot paper is foiled - they just add a wee bit more sparkle and dimension when you're looking at them and holding them.
This is the set of three I had the most trouble with out of the entire card set, but I am happy with the result. All cards were left blank on purpose, so the entire set was multipurpose - I only had to make some more suited for women, men, little boys, and little girls. Most of the cards are suitable for many occasions.
This set of three was a lot of fun - I get a lot of joy from punches - and I love the contrast with the white space. Foam dots always add dimension and make aspects pop.
Thanks for stopping by today. Over the next week I will be showing all 18 cards from the set, so please pop back every couple of days to see the remainder of them.
Jessica T

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Getting Back Into It

Hello everyone! 

It has been a really long time since I did any crafting. I'm talking months. My crafting supplies were boxed up, along with our entire household, way back in September last year. We finally got another place of our own in March, but crafting supplies were the last things to get unpacked. 

The house we moved out of last year had amazing storage, and this house has absolute minimal storage, so that has slowed down the unpacking a lot as I really don't have anywhere to put things if they come out of their box. Moving into this house has taken far longer than it should have. But I'm (almost) done!

One of the very first things I did, well something I could access before everything was unpacked, was some colouring. I know, not the most amazing crafting activity, but it was so relaxing and wonderful to actually be doing something crafty for a change.

This is what I got up to:
A nice wee Mandala to start me off. I chose a few complimentary colours and set to work.
And now for some cutting and pasting ...
Thanks for stopping by,
until next time,
Jessica T

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Festive Season!

It is Christmas Eve - how on earth did that happen!

This year has gone incredibly fast. I guess that's what happens when you have a very busy year.

95% of all my craft supplies were boxed up months ago, needless to say I haven't created any cards or layouts in what feels like an eternity! The only supplies I left out were cross stitch (which I like to do for my neice and nephews first birthdays) and also an origami flower ball kit I've had for a year. And I've barely even had time to do those! However I did manage to finish them off on a quiet Sunday afternoon at work.

Here is the origami flower ball I finally finished last week:

I hope you all have a fantastic festive season filled with love and laughter and people who are important to you. I know I certainly will, after moving back to my family this week after three and a half years away! 

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Merry Christmas!
Jessica T

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Monochromatic + Gold

I recently made two paper craft projects for the Artfull Crafts August challenge using their monochromatic and gold colour palette:
Well that's how I see it anyway. Black, dark grey, light grey, off white, white, beige and golds.
My layout is based on my sons first official school photo taken toward the end of last year (hence the 2014 title). His uniform is dark blue with gold, so I thought this colour palette should work out well.
I used a bunch of monochromatic patterned papers from my stash, and my gold glitter alphas, which you would've seen used on many, many projects on this blog, but they're almost finished now :-(
I used a whole bunch of school themed rub-ons which I've had in my stash for a long time (and they still worked, yay!). And finished it off with a splattering of sequins.
Now my card:
I used a white card base, which I had covered in left over white alpha rub-ons.
I also used punched butterflies and hearts, and a splattering of traditional round and heart sequins.
The snow outside meant it was a perfect day for crafting, but made it more challenging to take photos!
Thanks for stopping by today.
Jessica T

UPDATE: My card was chosen as the winning entry for the colour challenge! Exciting :-)

Friday, 24 July 2015

Mid year Christmas layout

A Mid-Winter Christmas!
All dressed up and no where to go!
A Christmas photo from 7.5 years ago that I've just got around to scrap!
I typically only do Christmas photos around Christmas time (I think?? I don't scrap many of them!) - because I'm in the festive mood I guess. And Christmas supplies are more readily available, if you're not just using from your existing stash.
This layout was made using materials from my stash: a few left over bits from Christmas collections from last year, as well as older - much older - bits and pieces from old Christmas cards, printed digital files, and punched patterned paper hearts from a Christmas collection from many years ago.
I really do love using old supplies. Whether on their own or mixed with newer, on trend, collections. And I also enjoy things not designed to be used on a layout (or card) - in this case cutting apart Christmas cards I really liked (the Christmas tree on the left and the dove on the lower right).
In this case the glittered Christmas card pieces added glamour to my layout.
And lots of layers added to the elegant style too.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Go pull out some old favourites from your stash and make something!
Jessica T

The Bright and Cheery Kaisercraft "Say Aloha"

Kaisercrafts "Say Aloha" collection, I have to admit, isn't something I would normally buy. It is very bright and colourful, full of tropical type prints, with lots of tropical colours - nothing that I typically use (other than some pink).
But when I saw it I instantly thought of my trip to Australia some years ago, and the fact that I hadn't scrapped any photos from the trip. I thought those tropical prints and colours would suit my photos, and I was very pleased with the result.
I initially started with one layout, then decided to use my remaining three printed photos for two more layouts - something I should have decided at the start, so I could have spread my supplies more evenly over the three layouts. But I still love them anyway.
I then finished them all off with a title from gold glitter thickers. Perfect!
I love these photos of my sister, my mum and myself, on my sister's apartment balcony in Brisbane. The patterned paper and leaf embellishments match the foliage in the photo backgrounds so well, and just tie the page together perfectly.

Mt. Coot-Tha
This is one of my favourite memories from the trip. The bus to the top of Mt. Coot-Tha leaves again after 10 minutes, with the next one being an hour after that. We knew it would be a fantastic view from the top, but that we wouldn't be able to fill in an hour up there.
Our bus to the top arrived late. We ran to the lookout and took 16 photos, including this one of myself with Brisbane in the background, and were back on the bus which was leaving again. The timestamp from the first photo to the last is a difference of three minutes!
Lots of smiles and laughter from this quick trip and a lifetime of memories.

My one and only trip to a big amusement park. DreamWorld has both rides and lots of Australian wildlife on display, so I though it was a good idea to remember them both on the one layout. 
There are very few pictures of us actually on rides, since you're on them without a camera, but my mum didn't do this one so was able to snap a photo of my sister and myself. And as for the wildlife, I have heaps of fantastic photos of the animals, but chose to include one of myself as this is my one and only overseas trip - I might as well have evidence I was there!
These layouts will be included in the Artfull Crafts June and July Challenge (Anything Goes).

Thanks for stopping by today.
And remember to go outside your comfort box some times. I could have easily done a layout with complimentary blues that matched our outfits, but we were in semi-tropical climates so why not go all out and embrace it!
Jessica T

In Sympathy

Something that is very little spoken about but affects absolutely everyone in life, is the requirement for sympathy cards.
It is great to have some on hand, as when they are needed is often not the best time to be making them.
Initially I had a hard time deciding how to make them. What do you put on them? I didn't want to make them look like I was just making cards for fun, I wanted them to be respectful. I like white as my main colour, with small amounts of another - often green. I like to use birds, feathers, roses and leaves as a base. And I try to keep them simple.
I have also never posted one on my blog. Why not? Because it feels weird. But why, it's something that affects everyone in life? So it's a first for me to show one!
Very easy to make: white, soft colours, simple, punched 1" circles, roses, bird, music notes.
Respectful and elegant.
Thanks for stopping by today!
Jessica T