Week 31 - revamping old furniture

During week 31 I finished off a desk I started cleaning up in May (then put in the shed and forgot about).
I'm not sure where this came from originally, but it's been in our family for a long time. I remember playing 'school' with my sister, one of us as the teacher, and the other as a student sitting at this desk. After we grew up it moved to an old shed, I think it was used for a bench for potting plants actually.
And then I remembered about it.
This is what I looked like before I started:
During sanding:
All sanded and ready to go:
During waxing:
All sanded, waxed and polished - finished!

My brother scratched his name into the lid of the desk as a child. I wanted to sand the lid as little as possible so I could keep that on there, but unfortunately it isn't very visible now.
From this:
To this:
And while I was doing that, I also did two drawers that were used as storage in the 'man cave'. They were filthy. I didn't take a before photo though. This is how they look finished:

 The bottoms were very dirty - and really oily. So instead of sanding them and doing them all natural, I just covered them with an old map. And I think they look great!
Beeswax Furniture Polish & Preserver with Lavender
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