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Giant nappy cake!

Hey there,
so today's project isn't a paper craft one for a change, but it is still crafty. Actually it does include some paper crafting!
We recently welcomed another niece into the family. She was their third child, so from a gift perspective they already had everything they need to raise a baby. She is also their third daughter, so they really do have everything they need! They weren't finding out the gender of the baby until birth regardless, and we had already decided to do (and mostly made) a nappy cake - something totally practical - it would just be how it was decorated depending on the gender. If they did have their first son, we would've included a baby boy outfit or something and decorated it with blue. But since it was another sweet girl, this is what I made:

I didn't measure it but it would be at least 50 cm  / 20 inches high.

Each layer was wrapped in ribbon and wool and decorated - the top and bottom layers with fabric flowers.

On the middle layer I …

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