New Years resolution for 2011

Every time I went into town I would buy craft supplies, so my craft cupboard was getting quite full. Sound familiar?
So I decided that my New Years resolution for 2011 was to not buy any craft products until I had run out!  It was a VERY difficult task, but after a month or two I no longer thought about it and actually quite welcomed having more money in my bank account.  I would still get craft supplies, they just weren't purchased.  You learn to look at everyday things in a new light, so I have gained quite a few up-cycled items (packaging; clothing - tags, buttons; gift cards - sentiments, embellishments; etc).

In July of 2011 my first overseas trip was booked so I decided I had completed enough of my New Years resolution, and I would allow myself to buy craft items, as it would be a wasted opportunity if I did not.

It felt so good buying craft items when I hadn't done so for over 7 months!  However, I spent my money very wisely, on things I would definitely use, not just things that 'looked pretty'.  These are the embellishments I purchased (I also purchased paper and pens).


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