Textured flower décor project

I created this 12x12 project using materials I have owned for a number of years but never quite knew what to do with.

I was inspired by seeing a tutorial somewhere of making flowers by individually cutting petals and adding a centre (I had always cut flowers as one piece, and may have added a separate centre on top afterwards) and thought I'd give it a try with some 'spare' multicoloured or patterned papers. So I cut out a pattern and away I went.  I liked the look of the first one, so found a backing piece that matched, and made several more. It was so much fun :-)

Initially I was going to make a card or something, but then got the idea to make it a decor item to keep myself. I'm so glad I did.  It is hanging on my bedroom wall in a black, shadow-box type frame. I am so pleased with the way it turned out, and framed it looks even better.


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