Challenges - not just of the craft type!

This week, as with the last three, I have been doing the challenges set by Scrappin' Patch.

However, this week my toddler has decided he doesn't want a day sleep everyday, which means I don't get my craft time. I have never been a night time scrapper, for a number of reasons. One being lack of suitable light, another being that by the end of the day I'm actually tired! The days that my son doesn't have a day sleep are even more difficult than a normal day, so I'm even more tired than a normal day, so even less likely to do any scrapping!

Needless to say, I have had very little craft time this week so have only been able to complete one of the challenges, the stationery challenge. The challenge this week was to create a journaling notebook or a diary. The criteria was you must use fabric, a button, twine or string, and stamping.

This is my week four entry for the six week stationery challenge:

A notebook covered first in pink paper, then in a pink cotton with embroidery and holes in it. I stamped the months of the year (using my Pink Paislee On Schedule stamps) onto natural calico (with garnet coloured Impress Ink) and attached that to the front. I layered two (Grace Taylor die cuts) butterflies and attached an old button as the centre. The final piece was the string tie, with two beads on the end, that wraps around the notebook and the button to keep the notebook closed - especially handy when the notebook is full with paper clippings, designs and memorabilia.

Through a random drawing I won this challenge.

Not a great photo I know, but this is my four weeks worth of entries for the stationery challenge so far (two more weeks to go). Week 1 - Pencil Pot, Week 2 - Notepad, Week 3 - Card Set & a Box to keep them in, and Week 4 - Notebook.


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