Sunday update

This week I completed the last two projects for the Scrappin' Patch six week challenge. And today I also created three canvases for my toddlers’ room.

The last layout challenge was to create a layout about your scrapbooking hobby, which was also a recipe challenge (journaling of at least 30 words, a tag, three layers of paper, four flowers, bling, and a photo of you).

The last stationery challenge was to create an envelope or paper bag album to keep memorabilia, special notes, and other keepsakes in. We could choose the size, shape, number of envelopes etc. This was also a recipe challenge (some cardstock, four buttons, a die cut shape, and two tags).
Because I created an envelope album last week I wanted to make a paper bag album. Because I didn’t actually have any paper bags I made my own - essentially they’re pockets. I made four pockets, and the last two in the album have pleats in the so they can expand a lot for lots of memorabilia! I also used two wooden calendar pages from a Kaisercarft calendar kit as the front and back pages of the album, which also allows the album to stand.

I had a lot of fun competing in the six week challenge, but was definitely pleased that the six weeks was up! Unfortunately due to time constraints I missed one project, but I still feel I did well.

Over the last week or two I have been tidying up my craft supplies. I’ve been  going through my stash, throwing away unused and not likely to be used junk, and sorting my embellishments by theme (pretty simply though – just girl & wedding, boy, baby, unisex, and project (so bits to be used on off the page projects, not for layouts or cards). I’ve also reorganised my craft cupboard, with labels (just bits of paper at the moment, but one day soon hopefully they’ll be pretty labels), and everything in its place.  I haven’t finished yet, but I’ve done two of four shelves.

Today I used another item that has been in the cupboard for a year or two - a Resene paint book (a book filled with paint chips). I used 15 pages from it to create three colourful canvases for my toddlers’ room. It is simple, and easy to create (once I finally decided what to do), but it looks great.

That is all I have for my update today. I’m going away for a couple of weeks, so I probably won’t be doing another blog post until early March.

Take care,


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