I have started crafting again this week, after a three to four month break. And it feels sooo good!

I decided to do some re-do's to start off with. You know, those projects you haven't completed, or have hated since the moment you 'finished' them. Well I have been re-doing those. I have completed 3 layouts in 3 days - must be a record for me, especially considering 2 of those are doubles and I am incredibly slow at doubles!

[I am aware that my photos are bad - I am out of practice, have a smudge on my lens and bad lighting. I endeavour to have better photos for my next post!]

Re-do #1. Before

... And after

Re-do #2. Before (with embellies already taken off) ...

... And after

Re-do #3. Before ...
... And after
You really don't have to put up with work you don't like. If you made it, you can re-make it! And I'm not just talking about layouts - this can relate to any sort of project. So go re-do something today, it feels good to have a much better end result!

Unti next time, take care.


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