Week 7 - Valentines cards

I know Valentines Day was a few days ago now, but these were only made after last weeks post - so today it was!
I don't usually get into Valentines Day, it's just not a big deal for us. However, my partner came home from town in the days before Valentines Day saying he had got me something so I felt obliged to at least make him a card! I'm still not getting him anything, but a card will be nice.
I made sure my partner 'accidentally' saw me making this card, to make him think he was getting a very pink card. It is actually for our three year old son. I had already made my partners card while he was still sleeping :-)
This is definitely more suited to his taste!
I had so much fun making these cards. I was super busy this last week, otherwise I would've made more, slightly different, just to have on hand. They don't have to only be for Valentines Day - anniversaries, partner birthdays, or just a thank you for a good friend would be great too.
They're both made out of old supplies I had on hand, other than my trusty American Crafts cardstock.
I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.
Until next week, take care.


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