Summer Home Décor

I have had a few things in my drawer for a while that I have wanted to alter to make into beautiful décor pieces. Then Moxie Fab World introduces a challenge to do just that, but with the slight twist of it having to be seasonal.
I have only had the time (and desire) to create items for Summer. They're light, soft, feminine, and a nice edition to my craft space as we're heading into Winter here in New Zealand.
This is my Summer Home Décor Challenge entry:

It consists of a beautiful blue wine bottle and a can that I have wrapped with paper, ribbon and washi tape; draped in gold trim; and embellished with flowers, buttons, birds and gold leaf hearts.

I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen, and that it inspires you to try one for yourself.
Thanks for looking,


  1. I can see you've gone to a lot of trouble and the end result is just gorgeous! Such a lovely piece of home decor and they look great on the plate

  2. very pretty, I love the birds!

  3. Nice work - love the patterns and textures!


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