Week 14 - Work in Progress

During week 14 I have been doing more on my Australia mini album I started earlier in the year (for a trip in, ahem, 2011). The start of it can be seen at the bottom of this post here. Then at the bottom of this post is a few photos of my first completed pages.
I had decided I would do one day at a time, completely finishing it - photos, diary entry, ephemera etc. But I decided it was much easier, and much more enjoyable, to do all the same things at once (so I did all the photos first, then started on the rest).
So here are three 'work in progress' photos.
I do admit to tidying my desk before I took these photos!!!
 This photo shows my photo book that I got printed to go along with the album (full of hundreds of photos - where the mini album just has two for each day); a pile of ephemera; the journal I took to Aussie with me to do my daily diary entries; and my incomplete mini album.
 This is how it starts.
This is almost complete. I have completed the diary entry, ephemera pocket, and photos, but I am yet to embellish.
All in all, it's a messy project, quite disorganised, but very fun! I've never been into mini albums, but I'm really enjoying doing this one. Who knows, maybe there will be more mini albums in my future.
Until next week, take care.


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