Week 15 - Monogram Decor

Week 15 has been yet another slow week. I'm sure I'll get back into my groove soon. Well I sure hope so!
In the last couple of days I have made this monogram décor piece.
I'll decide in the next couple of days if I think I need to add more embellishments.
I love how the glitter is sparkling with the flash of the camera!

The steps to create this:
1. cover a board (wood, cardboard, canvas, etc.) in a map.
2. paint your monogram in a colour of choice.
3. cover your painted monogram in glue and cover in glitter in a colour of your choice.
4. attached your glittered monogram to the backing piece.
5. finish off with some strips of matching washi tape to frame it.
I painted my monogram blue. You can see little areas of blue where the glitter is thin or has come off, especially around the pointy edges. I also glittered the inside and outside of the monogram, but you could easily just do it on the top. 
I used two strips of overlapping washi tape to frame it..
I hope this has inspired you to create one for yourself. This one has been a long time in the making!
Until next week, take care.


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