Week 19

Okay, so I'm a couple of days late with my post this week (first time I believe, so I'm sure you'll forgive me!)
I have been very busy, making 60 cards for an order (wedding Thank You cards), which I got finished yesterday. It was my very first sale, and I had creative freedom which was great - they didn't have to match her wedding colour scheme, and they didn't have to all be the same in either colour or design. You couldn't ask for more freedom than that!!! It still took me about six full days - I need to learn to be faster.
Also this last week, we celebrated Mother's Day. I was so busy I forgot to photograph the card I made for my Mum. But I do have a photo of the gift I received. Actually I decided to photograph all my Mother's Day gifts, from past and present years, and I'll start on a mini album that I can add to every year, and include my cards in too.
A Michael Hill bracelet (with gold and diamond on the clasp) and a silver and red enamel heart charm.
'Marlborough Sounds' Evolve Murano glass charm - the destination of our first family holiday.
'Manawatu' Evolve Murano glass charm - the region he was born in.
And this year, 2013, something to break the trend:
This gorgeous set of three wood and wire baskets
Also, a Scrapbooking magazine (that came with beautiful free papers) and lotto tickets.
I hope you all had a wonderful day spent with children or your own Mum, and gave/ received some lovely gifts.
Until next week - which will hopefully be on time and showing actual craft photos - have a great week!


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