Week 21 - Personalising an ordinary photo album.

I've had this photo album for a few years now, but hadn't used it. It only holds 24 photos, so that made it a little harder to find a use. But after all this time I finally came with an idea!

 The original product.

 I filled the hole in the middle with a square of foam, and covered the back first (so the seam was at the back).

 I covered the album with paper (as the thicker cardstock type paper doesn't bend round the edges very cleanly for covering albums etc). I don't like the print, but I like the colour, and I knew I was going to cover most of it anyway.

 I added a piece of this wonderful camera paper (Maggie Holmes Collection from Crate Paper)
The finished product:

 Yip, an album just for photos of when I got my new camera. When you get a new camera you take lots of photos, and you get all artsy and try new settings. So this album houses 24 photos taken in the first month of owning my camera.

 I did the inside of the covers too. I added tags, to the outside of the protectors, just writing what and where for each set of photos in the album - nothing fancy.

 Inside the back cover.

The back cover. Same paper as the front. The strip of butterflies holds the ribbon in place, for the album tie.

See you next week!


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