Yip, more challenges

I'm on a roll this weekend, which I find is quite a rarity for me! After finishing my 60 cards on Wednesday I decided I didn't want to see another card for a while, so that meant making a small dent in my photo pile. And this layout brings this weekends total alone to three layouts. Some of you will be thinking, only three - I can do three in an hour! But not me - I usually take a couple of days of playing around to do one, so yes three is a big deal for me!!! And two of those were done from scratch today as well.

And I also decided to try something new today. A style of scrapbooking I've been admiring for a long time. Minimalist and free style.

My Favourite Things

Border Challenge
And here is my take on these challenges:

So instead of my favourite things, I did my sons favourite things.
And for the borders, I used the borders strips from the bottom of some 12x12 papers (some manufacturers have a useful border strip on the bottom, while others just have the manufacturers info on both sides).
And I flipped the sketch on its side and used one larger photo instead of two.

 The blue is a glitter pen, which was a little hard to photograph, but the categories were: colour, play, watch, drink, eat, ice cream, night time, and other.

A close up of the super cue detail on these 'Raspberry' rub-ons. The white is all mottled (personally I would've had it solid), but the car on the arrow is awesome!

Thanks for looking.


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