Week 22 - Mums' visit

Week 22 - May 28th to June 3rd

My dear Mum has been staying with me since Friday May 24th (and for another week yet). I have no craft photos to show, but I do have some photos to show from the last week.

Winter has arrived!

A beautiful start to the day.

Walking out to the snowman he built yesterday. An extra eight inch of snow over night. We've lived here almost a year and the most we've had was one inch, so it was quite the experience.

Mum, threatening with a handful of snow. 

He loves playing on here, covered in snow or not.

Mum took a family photo of us, all rugged up, by the snowman we built - doesn't happen often, the snow and the photo of the three of us.
Hope you're all keeping warm.
See you next week!


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