Week 23 - Tropical Forest

Another week with no crafting!
Mum is still staying with us, so my fiancé and I took the opportunity to go away for two nights to Dunedin - somewhere I had only ever driven through but always wanted to visit - while she looked after our three year old.
Our first activity, and a definite trip highlight, was a visit to the Discovery World Tropical Forest, better known simply as 'The Butterflies', at the Otago Museum in Dunedin.
Here are a few favourites:
The bright white is a white orchid.
This is one of my favourite butterflies there. Believe it or not, it's wings are bright blue. I hadn't got any photos of it's wings open, so my partner put his hand near the butterfly to try and encourage it to open up. What we got was very unexpected - it didn't move its wings at all but simply stuck its tongue out and licked him! I have honestly never seen a butterflies tongue before, and I was very surprised at it's length. And I still have no photos of those beautiful blue wings :-(
I'm certain I will have done some crafting by next week!!!
See you then,


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