Week 24 - crafty time

So I got a little crafting done in week 24, and by little I mean little!
Mum left on Thursday, after 20 days and nights with us. However, myself and my pre-schooler have been unwell so I haven't got much done. But I did do something for the first time in weeks!
It wasn't scrapbooking, or even card making. I framed a picture that we had printed at home on canvas. Super quick, but looks great.

  I started with the pre-printed photo which was printed on a piece of A4 canvas, a piece of cardboard for backing, and a frame. The frame is from a canvas that I ripped the picture off and am re-purposing - it is light, soft wood (presumably balsa or similar) and has visible staples and mismatched wooden pieces. Nice and rustic.

 I attached the backing cardboard to the canvas with a few strips of tape, and marked the depth of the frame on the cardboard by tracing it.

 I then stapled it onto the frame. I didn't staple to the corners because they are thin, due to how the frame is constructed, and they would break.


The photo was taken by my partner at a stream close to our house. Looks great in a natural wood frame. Of course the frame can be painted to match any photo you choose to frame.
This was the first time I've ever done anything like this, and it was so simple and turned out great. It is fun trying new things from time to time. Although I do hope to do some scrapbooking and card making this week!


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