Week 26 - making changes

Week 26 - 25th June to 01 July
Another week of having a sick pre-schooler, and being sick ourselves. Boy winter is hard on us this year! We are catching (and not letting go of) so many colds. Not fun.
Yet again I did not get a lot achieved craft wise this week. My last couple of months have looked pretty dismal really.
I started on embellishing a t-shirt for my sons 4th birthday later this month, which is not yet finished. And I also altered an off the page project I did in April.

Since the moment I 'finished' it I have felt like it needed a black border, but I didn't have anything in mind.
Until this week.
This is what it looks like now:

Much improved.
Don't give up. If you're not 100% happy with something, change it. It doesn't matter if you change it today or in a few months when you find a better solution. You will be glad you did!
July already, wow. Half the year gone. Where has it gone? Clearly not in the craft room for me!

Have a great week. See you next Tuesday.


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