Week 28 - Paper Crafts

Week 28 has had me back to doing paper crafts.

It feels like so long since I did any scrapbooking or cards - I'm sure it's not, it just feels like it. Anyway, I made a little card set.

So the card bases are all different, but the materials used on each is the same - stars and striped patterned paper blocks, red cardstock and punched butterflies. They're just all assembled differently.

I don't actually like orange, and I'm not keen on red either. But occasionally I bring those colours out and use them, and on this occasion they came together really nicely. I particularly love the mix of patterns - stars, stripes, spots, and solids.

This week I also started on my 2012 album - a little behind, I know - but it is in no shape to be photographed and made public! Maybe another week when I've actually finished a page or two - including embellishments. Lately I've been making the main pages, but just not getting round to embellishing. Maybe it's time to buy more embellishments. Maybe then I'll feel like doing the finishing touches. Well it's a good excuse to go shopping anyway.

See you next Tuesday!


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