Week 30 - Dream Catcher

Week 30 recap - July 23 to July 29

So this week I have done lots of craft. I have done two posts since my week 29 post, with challenge entries. I have also done more of my 'photo freedom' scrapbooking. And one off the page project, which I will show today.

When my 4 year old son told me he wants a dream catcher to take his dreams away, I did what any good mum would do and said 'Of course darling, I'll have it finished by bed time'. He had seen it weeks earlier on one of his favourite DVDs (Fireman Sam). So I went straight onto Pinterest to find some DIY instructions, and pictures of what they look like exactly.

Here is what I did:

I gathered up my supplies. I found this plastic loop in my stash, from when I bought a scarf a couple of years ago (about 3.5 inch diameter). I let my son go through my box of thread to choose a colour, and no surprises he chose his favourite colour - white. All up I probably used two metres, but I never measured it exactly.

 Start by tying the thread onto the plastic loop, and making a small loop with the thread for hanging.
Pictures are easier to follow than words here.

 This gives a general idea of how I put it together. However, as this was my first attempt I found it to be too uneven - some areas were tight, others really loose, some short lengths, some long - so I undid it and started again.

 This time I wrapped the plastic loop in the thread so that the thread wouldn't slip, and I could get it all even and nice and tight. I also did far fewer points on the loop. And I used this plastic needle that came with a felt sewing project of my sons.

 I tied it off at this point.

 I didn't have much in the way of feathers or beads. I had wanted to use bright coloured feathers and matching beads, but I just didn't have any. I didn't even have any white feathers to colour. So I went the natural route instead. I found these pieces of paua shell, and got my partner to drill holes in them.

 How they hang.

The completed project. It actually looks really nice being all natural.

I did find I have a ton of pink beads, so at some point I might make another one for decorating my craft space - when I can find another loop (preferably bigger) and I will need some more feathers too. That's on my mile-long list of craft projects to do another day!

Thanks for stopping by. As always, it's really fun trying new things - even when you're pile of photos to scrap is getting increasingly bigger!



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