Week 32 - Craft Space Reorganisation

I've always been one to reorganise - everything. Or is it rearrange? I don't know, maybe both.
I will often be seen reorganising my craft desk, craft cupboard, entire rooms (I must've reorganised my sons room at least five times this year - but thankfully he likes me doing it). I've moved many times in my life, and I think it started with that - reorganising to fit everything into my new accommodation in a better, more productive way. Making better use of the space I have. Making everything look tidier. When I was pregnant they called it nesting. But it started well before pregnancy and hasn't stopped in the four years since his birth. However I do think I've reorganised more in the last year than any other.
This last week has seen me doing an enormous amount. A new piece of furniture was moved in, which meant a major amount of reorganisation was needed. Here are some photos to show the process:

 Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of what it looked like before, but this is before the furniture arrangement and after all my craft supplies were moved out ... onto my bed

My bed

 and again

The old desk is down and the new furniture moved in. The dresser on the left has been living in the hallway (often seen with a pile of clean clothes on it waiting to be folded). The wall unit was purchased by my partner (as a birthday gift for me) at a second hand shop. At some stage it will be painted, and new handles added.

I had a little helper throughout the process. This white cupboard (which was to the right of the desk in the first picture) housed all my craft supplies that weren't stored on my desk (now being used by my partner).

Almost done now. The paper in the pink box on the dresser will go on he bottom shelf of the wall unit where the drawer is sitting now - but the shelf needs moving up an inch first. And then that's pretty much done.
The wooden box on my dresser was built by my partner from an old pallet. I used to just use a box, but now have something sturdier - I spend enough time sitting on my derriere, so my crafting is done standing up. Hence also the need for the sheepskin on the floor (it is still winter, so it helps keep my feet warm, and stops them from getting too sore). I am able to keep unfinished projects in the box, and after the pink box on the right has gone, that is where my current supplies will go (the ones I'm using on my current project).
I hope you've enjoyed having a look at my craft space. One day I hope to be able to show you my craft ROOM - if and when I get one!
After days of moving things, now it's time to do some actual crafting...
Thanks for stopping by.


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