Week 37 - pinspiration

For a good part of week 37 we, very gladly, had my sister, her partner and their 8 month old son staying with us. Needless to say there was no time for crafting after all the baby snuggles. I did manage half of one project after they left, but I'll get to that soon.
Pinspiration - you know, inspiration from the wonderful world of Pinterest.

What do I pin? Crafts mainly - cards, scrapbooking, sewing, any other craft that takes my fancy, kiddies projects and gift ideas. And you can have 'secret' boards - boards that only you can see - mine include wedding boards.
It's a fantastic place to go when you have no inspiration, or just need extra ideas. Great when you don't have much time.
At the moment I've been interested in hearts. These are some of the images taking my fancy:
Makkie denim heartslace hearts
would like to do this with bottle caps and letters, hello crafternoon! Wedding with pictures in 2 bottle caps heart surrounding yuengling with date
Love this card by @Julie Forrest Forrest Campbell. I have so many do-dads sitting around waiting to be used for something like this.
So I decided to have a little play. I started with one of these:

Not this exact one - the one I used was more red, with red edging and red ribbon.

 I then covered it in pink fabric. First with plain cotton, covering the edges (and stopping the image showing through), then with the patterned 'holey' fabric on the top. All hand stitched.
My PLAN is to incorporate all the inspiration images - badges, flowers, trinkets, buttons. Lots of pretty things. When it's finished I'll put up some photos.

Until next time,


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