Week 40 - Dream Catcher part 2

In week 30, my son asked if I would make him a dream catcher to take away his bad dreams. Of course I said yes. And I made it how he wanted it, in his favourite colour white. I didn't really have a lot I could put on it, being white. However, I did use some paua pieces and natural coloured feathers (which he wasn't very pleased about, because they weren't white!)
I have convinced him to let me make it a bit fancier, so that was the project I did in week 40. I used all the existing materials - I misted the woven bit and the feathers to alter their colour - and I added a whole lot more.



 I absolutely love it. All the colours are so beautiful.

As always, don't be afraid to try something new. If you don't love the outcome there is nothing wrong with trying again. I often find that when I try something new, I spend the next few days or weeks thinking about how I could alter it. It's all in the process of exploring and learning.

Thanks for stopping by,
Jessica T


  1. It looks absolutley fab Jess, keep up the great work!


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