Week 42 - Penguin Card

This week I was asked to make a large farewell card featuring sea life or a penguin. I said absolutely, but at the same time was thinking 'what on earth am I going to do?' I don't exactly have craft papers featuring such things, or a die cutting machine to cut out such images.

So of course I went onto Pinterest for inspiration. I had decided I was going to use a penguin rather than sea life, and found a few different ideas for cards. One was a card that was solely a very large penguin, so I decided to go big.
And this is what it looks like:

I used a file folder as a base, 14 x 10 inch. It was large.
I had a lot of fun doing the paper pieced penguin, playing with different patterns and types of paper. And I found a perfect piece of patterned paper for the background, featuring a postage stamp (which I think is fitting for a farewell card).
Thanks for stopping by!
Jessica T


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