Week 49 - Gift wrapping using inexpensive supplies

We have all seen those beautifully wrapped packages, but the supplies used aren't cheap. Here in NZ buying plain kraft paper is really expensive. Not to mention all the embellishments added to the package. And I want to spend my budgeted money on the gifts, not the gift wrapping.
The cheapest wrap is actually highly patterned paper, rather than plain. But it can still be dressed up in a nice way, by simply using ribbons. If you're anything like me, you have a ton of different ribbons - bought for crafting, acquired from gift packaging, etc. Even if you don't have heaps of ribbons, or don't have long lengths, you can still make a package look pretty rather than plain.

 This package is wrapped in highly patterned and coloured paper, then wrapped with two co-ordinating ribbons that are layered, and topped off with a bow (that has long ribbons so is layered on top of the other two ribbons).
It has gone from boring and tacky to gorgeous, with very inexpensive ribbons.

This one is a birthday gift for my nephews first birthday. I didn't have any patterned paper, but I still wanted it to look like it was for a baby boy. I didn't have long lengths of ribbon to match this package, so I just did it around one corner.
I layered it with blue and silver ribbons, and a silver bow.  Gorgeous. This would also be beautiful for someone older - simply swap out the alphabet ribbon. Or for a girl - change the blue ribbons to pink or purple.
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Jessica T


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