DIY Painted Background

I love searching through Pinterest and getting inspiration from so many different people and places all over the world. And because of this obsession interest I find myself trying new techniques quite often.
Something that has taken my interest of late is painting - for layouts, smash books, art/ mixed media journals etc. I've seen so many different inspirational photos, I finally decided to give it a go.
I started with a piece of white 12x12 cardstock, a paper tube and black paint. Then I used a paint brush with watered down acrylic paints (pink, purple, aqua, yellow).
I then found a photo I thought would match the brightness of the background and created a layout.
I finished it off with a few simple embellishments in black and white, as it really didn't need a lot and too much would make it look cluttered.

This layout is my second entry for the Artfull Crafts May challenge.
Thanks for looking.
Jessica T


  1. Love it! Thanks for entering the Artfull Crafts challenge :-)


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