Cardboard Tube & Mist Background Tutorial

This is a quick photo tutorial for how I created a circles misted background for some card bases. 
1: Gather your cardstock, chosen mists, a cardboard tube, and a box to mist in.
2: Mist down inside the tube with your first colour
3: Mist with another colour and repeat
(I did two pieces of cardstock at once so I could overlap the tube on both pieces and not waste the mist)
4: To create the rings ("coffee stain circles") you mist onto the sides of the cardboard tube and let it run down to the bottom. If you didn't mist directly onto the cardstock in the steps above this will happen anyway!

5: Finish off with some mist splatters
 I repeated the process with different colour combinations. The cardstock piece below was used to make the card in my previous post (click here to see it).

My four completed card bases.

I hope this has inspired you to try something different with your own supplies.

Thanks for stopping by.
Jessica T


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