Wall Hanging & Card

Today I have a wall hanging and matching card to show you that I have made as a baby gift.
I've only made three or four small weavings, but I'm getting faster and better at them (well, I think so anyway!). This one I wanted to be natural colours, and suitable for a baby boy. And I did a bit of experimentation too (I can't seem to do anything lately without trying something I haven't done before). And then of course I needed to make a congratulations card too, so I did it in matching colours. Take a look:
 I know the sides aren't perfectly straight, but it's not too bad! (I am getting better). And it's interesting, and more natural looking.
I like using natural sticks rather than a processed, perfect dowel as the hangar. And I stitched on his initials, to personalise it.
 I also stitched shell type beads in a random pattern on the side. I wanted to do some triangles in the weaving, and after doing the first one it looked like a mountain which was really nice, so I didn't do any more. (Just go with the flow - your project doesn't have to turn out how you had planned at the start, sometimes it turns out better when you make changes!)
 I did a few rows (in two areas of the weaving) where I didn't alternate the stitches, so the colour stood out more.
 I also stitched on a row of clear beads. They're not plainly obvious, so they add interest when you're looking up close or touching it.
 The card base was made using a triangle stamp I carved out of a wine cork. I have never made my own stamp before, but it worked really well. The pattern it produced was a surprise - it's better than I had imagined!
I used the triangle stamp and a congratulations stamp on the inside too.
Gifts don't always have to be purchased. If you have the time or resources to make one, I encourage you to do so. There are so many different types of gifts you can make at home, and they are very meaningful.
Thanks for stopping by,
Jessica T


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