In Sympathy

Something that is very little spoken about but affects absolutely everyone in life, is the requirement for sympathy cards.
It is great to have some on hand, as when they are needed is often not the best time to be making them.
Initially I had a hard time deciding how to make them. What do you put on them? I didn't want to make them look like I was just making cards for fun, I wanted them to be respectful. I like white as my main colour, with small amounts of another - often green. I like to use birds, feathers, roses and leaves as a base. And I try to keep them simple.
I have also never posted one on my blog. Why not? Because it feels weird. But why, it's something that affects everyone in life? So it's a first for me to show one!
Very easy to make: white, soft colours, simple, punched 1" circles, roses, bird, music notes.
Respectful and elegant.
Thanks for stopping by today!
Jessica T


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