Blank Multipurpose Card Set Part 5

Thanks for stopping by today to look at my final installment of my blank, multipurpose card set I recently completed as a gift.

This final lot wasn't made using a 6x6 inch paper pad like the other five lots were, this lot was made with water colour paper (cardstock actually) that I made myself - with a little help from a certain 5 year old if I remember correctly.

this lot was a ton of fun to create and I enjoyed every second of it. In the following week or so I made some more - totally different, but the same principal of punching and colour matching from the multi coloured cardstock (I'll show you that lot another day).

Over to the cards:

I'm not a purple person, but I do like this card. I love that it's not solid purple - each piece has other colours running through it like blue or yellow.

I love the mix of light colours and white.

And blue is always lovely as a water colour.

Thank you for stopping by,
Jessica T


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