Getting Back Into It

Hello everyone! 

It has been a really long time since I did any crafting. I'm talking months. My crafting supplies were boxed up, along with our entire household, way back in September last year. We finally got another place of our own in March, but crafting supplies were the last things to get unpacked. 

The house we moved out of last year had amazing storage, and this house has absolute minimal storage, so that has slowed down the unpacking a lot as I really don't have anywhere to put things if they come out of their box. Moving into this house has taken far longer than it should have. But I'm (almost) done!

One of the very first things I did, well something I could access before everything was unpacked, was some colouring. I know, not the most amazing crafting activity, but it was so relaxing and wonderful to actually be doing something crafty for a change.

This is what I got up to:
A nice wee Mandala to start me off. I chose a few complimentary colours and set to work.
And now for some cutting and pasting ...
Thanks for stopping by,
until next time,
Jessica T


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