Jumping in at the deep end


I was asked if I could make a card set (of 20 or so cards) when I was moving into my new house. Of course I said yes, but I had to wait until my crafting area was set up and crafting supplies unpacked. Well with two free days before deadline I remembered! Oh no, what now?

I have made a few card sets in the past, mainly as Thank You sets for the arrival of a new baby, and the cards in those sets have all been made from the same collection so they're all matching (25 - 30 of them). But I get so lost. I lose inspiration. I can do a few and then don't know where to go from there.

The fact I have done absolutely minimal crafting in over half a year, the idea of doing a card set was incredibly daunting. I knew I had to do it differently than I usually would. And instead of having a few ideas, I actually set myself some rules - and stuck to them. It might sound a bit silly, I'm only talking about making cards, but it helped immensely and I got them all done in two half days (that's good timing for me!)

So what did I do?

I pulled out my white card stock and my 6x6 paper pads - they're designed for small projects so would be easier to deal with for this task. I grabbed my other essentials and set them out neatly - my first rule came to mind: keep my space clean as I know I can think clearer when my space is clear.

I picked out the first paper pad and a piece of 12x12 card stock which I cut into three 4x12 inch pieces for my card bases - my second rule came to mind: make three cards (use one piece of 12x12 card stock) from a paper pad then pack it away and start with another one.

I turned my stereo on, pushed play on my CD and my final rule came to mind: when my CD finishes I must get up, have a walk around, do any chores and have a drink. My CDs vary in length from about 45 minutes to 1hr 15 minutes and I was definitely ready for a break on the longer ones!

This system worked really well for me. I didn't get stuck as I usually would, and I got them done nice and quickly (by my standards). What works for you might be similar or entirely different, but sometimes setting yourself actual rules may assist in getting projects done smoothly and quickly.

Now onto the cards. I will show you two sets of three today. They are using the same paper pad, but completely different papers from it (as it was such a versatile pad) and the two sets weren't made consecutively.
Both sets were made using the Kaisercraft Seaside Collection (it is old, like years old, as are most of my products to be honest - I have no problem using older products, you just need to try and use them in a more modern way).

The red scroll paper is flocked, and the spot paper is foiled - they just add a wee bit more sparkle and dimension when you're looking at them and holding them.

This is the set of three I had the most trouble with out of the entire card set, but I am happy with the result. All cards were left blank on purpose, so the entire set was multipurpose - I only had to make some more suited for women, men, little boys, and little girls. Most of the cards are suitable for many occasions.

This set of three was a lot of fun - I get a lot of joy from punches - and I love the contrast with the white space. Foam dots always add dimension and make aspects pop.

Thanks for stopping by today. Over the next week I will be showing all 18 cards from the set, so please pop back every couple of days to see the remainder of them.

Jessica T


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