Homemade Water Colour Cards

Hello there!
A few weeks ago when I was showing my water colour cards I had made for my blank card set I said I was making some more - and I finally have those to show you today (I had photographed them earlier but the photos were a complete disaster...)
The three cards are each made from the same colours, punched from a piece of cardstock that I had water coloured (and I think my young son may have been involved) quite some time ago - a few years I think. The colour combo isn't my standard go-to colours but I thought they looked really nice together.
And here they are:
And the individual cards:
I simply punched 1 inch circles and arranged them in alternating colours in a grid pattern centered on the front of my card. Easy and affective.
I didn't use any foam dots on the cards (to be honest I completely forgot) but when you only add your adhesive on one side of the circle, rather than covering the back, they don't stick down flat and have some dimension and interest.
I used two sizes of star punch for this card. Sometimes I use three.
When making the star cards I like to add some white stars amongst the coloured ones (I don't do it with the circles or half circles). It adds some depth without taking away from the overall design of the card.
The half circles are simply 1 inch punched circles cut through the middle. Ensure you line them up straight when adhering them to your card.
I will add the appropriate sentiment for the occasion when I choose to use this card, as it looks unfinished without one - but I don't want to add it now as it then dictates what occasion it has to be used for. I think the others look perfectly fine without a sentiment, but this one doesn't.
Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you've found some inspiration - whether the pattern, the technique, the colours or the materials used.
Until next time,
Jessica T


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