Tropical Colouring

I did some more colouring last week and had a lot of fun. I don't own any of those fancy pens or anything. This time I used coloured pencils. They're great as you can blend them really well. You just need to keep a pencil sharpner handy as you need a fine lead for small areas.

The picture had tropical leaves and a toucan, so I chose some bright, tropical colours and got going. I started with the toucan - they have a lot of black on them which won't show all the lovely detail so I switched a few of his colours around. I like him. Then I got onto some leaves. I wanted to keep each type of leaves in the same colourway. I only had four pencils for all the leaves (dark green, lighter green that didn't match the others particularly well, yellowy green, and yellow) so coming up with different combos got difficult by the end!
These first couple of photos show the beginnings of my page:
The finished details:
And my completed page:
I was very pleased with my end result!
I hope this inspires you to do some colouring of your own, and don't feel intimidated if you don't own any fancy colouring pens!
Until next time,


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