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I have recently been watching a few YouTube videos about crafting, especially when my craft desk was unusable, and I love to watch a couple while washing the dishes to keep me sane. I have stumbled upon a new favourite - Adele Toomey AKA Inkie Quill. She is so happy and so full of energy you can't help but want to run straight to your craft space after watching a video. A lot of what she makes isn't my personal crafting style, but she still inspires me immensely. Just because I typically don't do bright, busy layouts with lots of mixed media doesn't mean I can't utilise many of her techniques with my own colour schemes and products.

She has tutorials on just about everything, including making your own kit. Many people subscribe to kits and have them delivered monthly, with everything you need to make a ton of projects and it's all matching (and of course newly released). I have never been able to purchase a kit, but I like the idea of making my own from my own supplies so that I can quickly make a layout or two if I've got a small amount of time as I won't need to search for matching supplies. I haven't yet made a kit, but now know exactly what to include, and will document it and do a blog post when I do.

In one of her kits she included something she's had for years and never used, and I'm also in the same boat with the exact same product. Maya Road acetate light bulbs. They are so cute but what on earth do you do with them? I have never seen a completed project using them. Although I never saw her use them either, she mentioned a couple of ideas as she put them in her kit and that was all the inspiration I needed. My project for you today is, finally, using those acetate light bulbs.

This is what they looked like to start with:

 (I really need to cover my 'new' desk, sorry about that).

Adele mentioned she could turn them into balloons, or back them with patterned paper. So here are my now balloon shaped light bulbs:

I drew on them with felt pens to get a shape I wanted before cutting them with scissors, and then you just rub it off when you're done. I cut the black edge off as it looked a bit weird after some of it had been cut off when re-shaping them into balloons. 

I then backed them with patterned paper scraps:
And used them on cards:
When I had done a major sort of my stash before out last major move, I donated a ton of products to my sons school and I know I had originally included these light bulbs. Then I took them out of the box again as they were so cute and I wanted to use them one day! They were more likely destined for my sons craft stash if I hadn't heard Adele mention turning them into balloons, as it had never occurred to me to alter them. So Thank You Adele for the inspiration for these cards!

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you have found some inspiration in using your supplies in different ways, altering your existing products, or finding a new YouTube channel to watch!

Jessica T


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