Homemade Avengers Birthday Party

Hi again!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had made the invites and décor for my sons birthday recently. So today I have that to show you.
First up, the invites. Sorry about the very poor photo - they were made at night (and gone by daylight in the morning) and I only have one regular overhead room light in there (must add additional lighting!).

We don't currently own a printer, so everything you see here today is made by finding an image on the internet, tracing it onto a piece of white paper off the computer screen, then using that as a stencil to cut out paper pieces.
The invite fronts are all made with different pieces of blue paper in the shape of the Avengers 'A' symbol. The reverse side had the party details, and along the left hand edge I drew the Avengers symbols with coloured pens (starting with a circle traced around a metal thimble - it was the perfect size!) They are actually pretty simple to draw. I wasn't after perfection, everything was going to be handmade and I am not an artist in the drawing sense.
Then I started on Décor pieces. I did each of the 6 main Avengers on a 12x12 piece of white cardstock. Each is handmade from a selection of materials - paper, felt pens and paint.

For Black Widow, I started with some red paper. It was no where near bright enough as I simply don't own any bright red (I had used the last of my red cardstock on Captain America) so I did add a few layers of red paint on top afterwards. The outside was coloured with black paint.

Iron Man started with blue paper, surrounded with grey felt pen, then filled in with black felt pen (as I had already done Black Widow and thought felt pens would be so much easier than paint).

My absolute favourite is Thor:

Made entirely of different paper pieces.
Tiny little strips added to the handle.

And even a metallic black for the metal accents on his hammer.
I must get a photo of them all together on the floor, but here they all are hanging up once completed:

I also put together a balloon wall, including three 12 inch honeycomb balls, and an Avengers duvet cover draped over our blue couch.

There were also other décor bits that aren't photographed, both purchased and handmade. And I also made all the party food - Pinterest inspired, one item for each Avenger. Think Captain America Jelly, Hulk pudding, Iron Man honey bubble, Thor hammers. AND I DIDN'T TAKE A SINGLE PHOTO. So, so disappointed.

I wanted to do something a little different for the goodie bags. I purchased a bunch of matchbox cars, attempting to match each one to one of the Avengers, and then altered the packaging.

If we owned a printer I would've printed images in a size to suit, however these images are from Avengers packaging - and ironically the Hulks image is tiny, so he's not as cool as the others. I thought it added something they wouldn't have received before, in amongst the other goodies.

And lastly the card. This too is made from packaging, and I really like how it turned out - since I had given it no forethought.

Thanks for stopping by today.

I hope this inspires you to try something a little different for your next event. Nothing has to be perfect - when it's all together it looks awesome anyway! It is so much cheaper than purchasing everything, and is so much more personal and special.

Jessica T


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