I'm back from a crafting hiatus!

Hi all, nice to 'see' you again!

I was posting semi-regularly for a while there and then nothing for a few weeks. Sorry about that. What happened? Life. I hadn't sat down at my desk to craft for well over a month. Well that's not 100% true - I haven't made a layout for a couple of months, but I did make a quick card one day in the middle.

The reason it all stopped was because my son's birthday was coming up so in the last week of June I started making birthday invites. Then I made birthday decor and goodie bags. On his actual birthday I realised I hadn't made him a birthday card, so I quickly made one of those too. (A blog post with that will be ready next week.)

And by then it was the school holidays (two weeks), so I don't get any time crafting. My craft desk and supplies are in the spare room, and that room becomes the dumping ground for 'stuff' that hasn't found a home yet (anyone else spend months trying to unpack into a new house that is completely different from your last one? Oh, with minimal storage too.) And before I knew it my desk was completely buried. Like completely.
After spending many, many hours in there over a couple of days my desk is now visible again for the first time in weeks, and is ready for crafting (and the whole house is finally unpacked - well damn close anyway.) So freakin excited - it has been driving me nuts. It is my nieces' birthday party this weekend so my first project was a birthday card (look out for that blog post soon).
 (Sorry about the early morning poor lighting)
So if you've made it all the way to the end, Thank You! I hope to be crafting a lot more regularly now, and hopefully (fingers crossed) having something to post at least once a week, starting next week!

See you again soon.
Jessica T


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