Jazzing up a boring handbag

Howdy Folks! I hope you're having a brilliant day today, and if not I hope you can find some inspiration today to make it a great one!

I've been MIA for a while. Sorry about that. My last post was scheduled for the school holidays, and I was going to get plenty of crafting done amongst other school holiday activities and have a whole lot more blog posts done. But I got sick. First a tummy bug, then a cold, then the flu followed by sinus and ear infections. I didn't go anywhere near my craft desk for a month. I have since returned in a small manner, but I am still spending many hours catching up on a months worth of neglected household chores. I will get some new crafts up soon though, I'm sure!

Today I have a little something different to show you. Not a paper craft, but a little crafty.
Have you ever been given a gift that just really wasn't you, but you didn't want to get rid of it? Well, I have. This particular one was sentimental in the fact that I was given it for my 21st birthday so I really wanted to keep it, but I just didn't like it so wasn't going to use it. A black leather, patchwork, handbag. Here it is:
My current handbag is starting to show it's age. It's starting to break down. And I'm completely over carrying the damn heavy thing around everywhere. It is time for a new handbag. But I've got a perfectly good handbag sitting in the wardrobe, brand new, collecting dust. I just don't like it. What to do? Make it something I would like to use.
This is something you could do completely DIY, with any range of products - all coming down to your style and taste.
I did a DIY approach with purchased products. A couple of shiny key rings/ bag charms and a bracelet from the craft store. The end result: cute and funky.
Easy to replicate. Easy to change. Just plain easy. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.
I need to make a little purse to hold all my bits and pieces that would otherwise be floating around in the bottom, and then I'm set to start using my new bag!
How about doing some simple DIY to jazz up something you already own to give it a new purpose - or it's intended purpose - or simply so you like it better? This DIY cost a total of $5 (NZD), a new bag would've cost me at least $50. I think it's a win!
Until next time,
Jessica T


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