Christmas Decor

With December half way through, Christmas is just around the corner. I finally finished decorating and have those photos for you today. 

Our main decor area. I do have more over/ on the windows but they're not that easy to photograph! The lights go around the top on the picture rail, just out of the camera view. On the top right is our advent calendar. Our Christmas books are stacked up against the chimney. And I've got lots of things hanging on the fire surround.

Our living Christmas tree. It can't handle heavy decorations as it's so small, so for a few years this is all it will have!
On the fireplace behind it you will see my large vase of blue and gold baubles, and our Christmas and family photos.

My wooden tree we made a couple of years ago. 

Christmas crafts made by our son when he was at pre-school along the mantle.

Another picture by our son along with other decor bits on the other end of the mantle.

I hope you're all having a wonderful festive season.

Until next time,


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