Card Set Part 1

Hello fellow crafters!

Just a quick post today as I'm very busy at the moment but didn't want to leave my blog without any new posts for weeks on end.

As a Christmas gift for my Mum I made her a card set. She had been hinting about it for months so I thought I really should do it. I made 21 cards in total. As with my past card sets, I use 6x6 paper pads to make the cards, and make only three from each paper pad (using one sheet of white 12x12 cardstock) before moving on to the next one. This helps me keep my flow going. I do still get stuck from time to time and I just put that away and move on to the next one. And when I make a card I like, I repeat that with other patterned papers too. I get them made over a couple of days.

Today I have a few pictures of all 21 cards. My next few blog posts will show each lot from the six different paper pads I used (I used one paper pad to make two lots of three cards).

I love to give (and receive) gifts that are really wanted and/ or that are useful.

Check back over the next few weeks to see the cards from each collection.
Until then,


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