I Miss This layout

Good morning crafty people!

So today I have a layout about a topic that was very frequent during a part of my life but isn't frequent anymore, so I scrapped about it.

If that's a tad confusing, i'll explain. For four winters I lived in an area that snowed. I had never experienced it before living there, and it is truly magical. And then we moved back to an area where it doesn't snow again, and I miss it immensely. I had a photograph of a snowman and instead of naming the page as yet another snowman or snow day adventure, I chose the title (and journaling) of "I Miss This".

Here's my layout:

A monochromatic layout for a monochromatic photo. That photo is printed in full colour by the way (for those unfamiliar with snowy landscapes).

The title is a mixture of plain chipboard and glitter sticker. An unexpected combination but on this monochromatic layout it is beautiful, and looked far better than all chipboard. I dotted all the I's with the glitter sticker to help it all match.

A cluster of patterned paper, really old sticky mesh, even older ric rac ribbon, and a chipboard bird.

And I managed to actually fit a picture of a snowman nicely onto a layout about a snowman (I'm not the sort of person who can pull off a pic of cat with a photo of a cat, or a pic of a car with a photo of a car - but I did it, challenge accomplished).

My wisdom for today:

1) Scrap a photo from a different perspective - rather than a snow day layout I scrapped it as something I miss.

2) Try odd combinations - my chipboard and glitter sticker title suits this page perfectly

3) Use something old on every project, to use it up rather than waste it.

4) If you're not the sort of person who embellishes with the same subject as the photo, give it a go - my snowman picture on a layout with a snowman photo is a first for me!

See you next week,
Jessica T


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