Use it up Layout

Welcome back crafty friends,

Today I have another use-it-up type layout for you. Scrap your stash, use it up so you can buy new stuff. 

That's pretty much been my motto for a couple of years now, at least. I don't like having a ton of supplies. Well that's not entirely true. I don't like having a whole bunch of stuff sitting there unused. I don't like anything being wasted. I don't like using new stuff without the old stuff being used first - or it won't get used. That makes it sounds like I go out and buy new collections when they come available - no, no, no, that wouldn't fit my budget. My supplies are typically on sale - or clearance - and are generic, not new releases. But even so, I like new stuff.

That's a bit of a tangent. Anyway, this layout was inspired by YouTuber Inkie Quill - whenever she talks about her alphabet stickers she always mentions that you don't need as many letter Q as you do for any vowels, why do they include so many of the letter Q. And the same goes for J. You honestly don't spell out that many words with the letter J. And I thought, you know you are right - but I have a solution for using up my J stash - my name begins with with J so i'll do a layout with a picture of myself and use them all up! And the rest of the layout consists of papers from my stash too.

A bit wordy today, sorry. I'm tired. I tend to ramble when i'm tired!

Here is my layout for today (that I actually made six months ago, oops)

All the different J's I had in the muted tones of the picture (it was back in the day of disposable film cameras). Big ones and small ones. Plain ones and coloured ones. Chipboard, stickers, and even some plastic ones, Square, circle and J shaped ones. I topped some of them with gems and pearls. And doodled in some hearts.

And layers upon layers of papers from my stash of scraps. I currently have very few 12 x 12 squares of paper in any colour, just tons of pieces! I don't want to toss them, so I want to get them used in any way. (And it's on foam for dimension)

Have a look through your stash of alphas. Do you have a particular letter that you have a ridiculous number of? Can you incorporate that into a layout on it's own? Or numbers for that matter?

Until next time,
Jessica T


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