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Hi fellow crafters,

today I have layout that I am entering in an International Scrapbooking Day challenge. I did complete it that weekend, but I haven't got around to doing any blog posts (luckily the challenge is still open - I did miss out on some others even when I had completed the challenges, I just hadn't entered them on time oops)

When I think of mixed media, the images that come into my head are dark, tons of paint, tons of layers, tons of different colours, and random images that have nothing to do with anything. And that definitely is one (common) type of mixed media, but it is not the only one. Mixed media is simply using a mix of different media on a project.

This layout is a bit different for me, for a couple of reasons:
I made a full page mixed media background; it is bright green (green is typically not my colour of choice, and I typically don't do bright layouts either); and I did the entire background before flipping through my photos to choose one that matched my green and black combo (I typically start with a photo).

My page:

And a bit of my process:

 I started by prepping my entire page, then painting it with watercolours. Why use green when it's not my favourite colour? Because my pinks and blues are pretty much used up, so I should save them for when I really need them.

I used five different greens, not that you can tell - but you can tell that it is not a solid colour. I assisted the drying with my hair drier, and as it was drying I tilted the page in different directions to create the runs, rather than soaking them up with a paper towel.

When that was all dry I added my black acrylic paint and paint medium mix through two different stencils. I did the polka dots first, dried them and then did the chevron stencil. You will see the top left chevrons aren't perfect due to the polka dots being raised and the stencil not sitting flat against the page. And of course the big mess on the bottom left where the polka dots were not dry at all and I made a big mess.

I stamped my bee stamp on a scrap project life card multiple times, then coloured them with yellow watercolour paint - they are all different shades - and finally I fussy cut each one to use as embellishments on my page.

And some detail shots:

I layered the photo on black and white paper scraps, sticking with the three colours of black, white and green.

I added white doilies in three areas of the page, which is where I also included back and white patterned papers, green flowers and the stamped bees. I did one small journal spot with extra journaling around the entire page.

I painted the letters on top of the existing letter on the stickers, with white acrylic paint - I didn't have all the letters so needed to alter a couple, however the original letters were a series of circles and I couldn't replicate that look so I made the letters solid white.

This picture shows the colour : different shades, different depths, and the runs.

Thanks for stopping by today for a look.

Jessica T


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