Teal Layout Round Two

Hi again folks,

sorry for the slightly later post today.

Teal Layout Round Two - while all my teal supplies were out from doing my previous layout, there were still heaps of fun things in the pile so I wanted to do a second teal page.

There were some child themed embellishments in the bunch, so that is what I drew my inspiration from. The fact my nephews shirt matched the page was pure luck!

I started by doing a bit of mixed media on my background using the packaging technique with my teal mist, followed by a few splatters of mist on top.

This page was particularly warped, so i trimmed at least half an inch off each side and sewed that onto a second piece of white cardstock. I then built my layout on top.

I stuck to only teal and white again for this one - in case I wanted to use this one for the challenge entry instead, but I decided against it.

The background was quite busy, quite prominent on the page, so I didn't want to add too much to it to make the layout messy(er) or too clustered.

I layered the photo with layers and layers of white tissue paper, teal patterned paper, more layers of white tissue paper and finally a white doily.

I have actually journaled around the entire doily in grey pen. It's not hugely obvious. but it is there!

I found a small googly eye in my craft stash and it makes this little guy so adorable! 

The majority of the embellishments are felt. They were made with layers of different coloured felt. I only wanted the teal, so I removed the other pieces and traced and fussy cut a replacement piece from teal patterned paper and layered that with the felt. I love how the custom embellishments look. And all the little stars are also the same felt - removed from a few of the other felt embellishments in the pack. There were so many tiny stars!

The title is chipboard letters that I just inked with my white ink pad. I was concerned it wouldn't give much coverage, but it turned out great.

You can see I haven't inked the letter 'L' - it is still the raw chipboard. This worked well and was quicker and cleaner than painting them.

Thanks for stopping by today,
Jessica T


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