Butterfly Cross Stitch

Good morning! 

I love crafts. All kinds of crafts, not just paper crafts. I like to do cross stitch from time to time. For my neices and nephews first birthdays I like to make them each a cross stitch. The one I have to show you is the forth one I have made, but I think it's the first one I've blogged.

I was given the pattern a couple of years ago. It was 63 different butterflies, all real butterflies in their natural colours. I liked the idea of filling a frame with butterflies, but I wanted them to be bright and colourful. I love the end result.

I started with the pink butterfly in the middle, then did a few around it before adding her name and filling the rest up. It was tricky to work out the placement of all the butterflies, trying to make them fit square-ish and filling in most of the blank space. I was using a pattern but it was only a pattern for each of the butterflies - not for this layout. I just worked it out as I went along. By the end I was sick of it - trying to square it off to fit in a frame, and getting it finished on time - but I do enjoy the process overall. I estimate it took me 50-60 hours of stitching and planning. Probably a few extra hours of planning to be honest.

I hope you've been inspired to make a keepsake for someone special.

Until next time,
Jessica T


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