Mini Dream Catcher Inspired Wall Hangings

Good morning,

Today I have an off the page project to share. 

Why do I call them Mini Dream Catcher Inspired Wall Hangings? Because they're not traditional dream catchers - I haven't weaved the string around on these ones. I tried something different. Still gorgeous, still fun.


#1 has a blue crocheted doily added to the front, with cute bird ribbon ensuring it stays in place.

As these do get played with on a daily basis (they hang next to my son's bed) I had to change how I attached everything.The last one fell to bits over a couple of years - the ribbons would fall off etc. So this time I did extra long pieces of string (or embroidery thread for these ones) and looped it over - there is no knot to come undone over hours of being fiddled with.

Each one had one big crochet covered bead and a number of smaller beads in blue, green, white and clear, as well as blue or white feathers. The clear beads are glow in the dark.


#2 has a skinnier base and is wrapped with ribbon (the ribbon is covered in a single long row of tiny trees but it just looks colourful - the same colours as the birds on the first one). I didn't weave the string in a traditional style, I just looped it around. I added beads onto the string as I went. The beads can be moved up and down and a happy to stay in place when sitting above the crossed over string.


#3 has the base wrapped in gold (crepe paper) with the doily added to the back instead of the front.

All three are different, but made in the same colour scheme. They are a gorgeous wee pop of colour and texture on his walls, and are suitable to be touched and played with regularly without falling apart (fingers crossed!)

Thanks for stopping by today,
Jessica T


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