Backed Hexagons

Hi fellow crafters!

If you follow my blog you will know I do not have a die cutting machine at all. However I look the looked of backed cut files and wanted to attempt something myself. I opted for a bold cut out for my first attempt - I made a hexagon template and simply traced it all over the back of my cardstock before cutting it out with my knife and ruler. For my next attempt I might do it on a thinner paper and try a more delicate/ smaller pattern to cut out. But that's for another day.

Here's my rather busy layout:

After cutting out my hexagons I was left with a delicate hexagon lace, only being around a quarter inch wide. I pulled out a 6x6 paper pad and started backing it. The first pieces only having very little margins, with subsequent ones being able to overlap a bit (which strengthens it). I left a couple of partial hexagons on the sides uncut, to base my embellishment clusters around (looking at it now, I might go back and cut that one out on the top right and back it too).

I went with green alphas for my title. It is one of the main colours but I went with green rather than blue, brown or white simply because I have lots of green ones!

Each of the three embellishment clusters are grounded to the side of the page with a border strip from a 6x6 paper pad.

I made clusters of embellishments in the same colours as the page. Anything and everything in those colours or boy themed. Not how I usually do it but I wanted to experiment and try some things I have seen.

I also added a couple of spots of yellow because there is something yellow in the photo (maybe a lemon?) and it really stood out. So the little banner pieces with yellow in this picture, and the ball in the dogs mouth in the previous picture. That small amount of added yellow then makes the ?lemon in the picture not stand out all alone and obvious on the layout.

That's it for another week. As always, don't be afraid to experiment. It doesn't matter if it doesn't come out how you first envisioned it, or if it doesn't come out looking like your typical style. It's just fun to try new things and you will always learn something - what to do next time, what to leave off next time etc. Give it a go and try something!

Until next week,
Jessica T


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