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I was watching Inkie Quill YouTube videos, as I do every week, and last week she did another Grab 5 project. I haven't done one for a long time, so I decided to head straight to my craft desk and get cracking.

If you have not heard of a Grab 5 before, or have not done one, what you do is you grab 5 items out of your stash to use on a project - you can use others items as well, but you MUST use those 5 in one way or another. In the recent Inkie Quill video I think she used three items that were brand new, that had just arrived in the post. I went in the other direction and pulled out 5 items that have been in my stash for ages and I really wanted to use them - or get rid of them. They were seriously that old and because I don't like wasting anything I really wanted to use them up in any way I could - and the fact all 5 had to be on my layout I had to get quite creative sometimes. It was a serious challenge and I loved it - hence I made three layouts!

My 5 items:

Clockwise from top left:

1) Stickers - it was a full page 12x12 sticker sheet that I had cut it up for storage reasons. I had of course used some previously, but it was baby inspired shapes.

2) Chipboard birds. A few different brands and styles.

3) Envelopes. They were a smooth card stock, and rather bulky - no good for layering - and they didn't open up particularly far so not ideal for actually using as an envelope on a project.

4) Acetate. It was a thick acetate. One printed like a frame with swirls around the edge with little blue lines all over the middle, and the other had blue and shiny silver fireworks bursts all over it.

5) Felt shapes. Lots of kid inspired shapes in a range of rather vibrant colours.

My three layouts in the order I made them:

1) Stickers: The numbers (which are coated in glitter) and buttons at the title. At the top and bottom of the page I used a pale blue strip, pale blue scallop strip and yellow star. And behind the photo I used an orange polka dot piece - it isn't a full layer, but a strip on either side that looks as if it is a full layer.

2) Chipboard birds: The owl on the left that looked too plain by itself, but I slightly regret drawing all over it.

3) Envelopes: I cut the navy blue polka dot envelope and used the back of it to back the photo. It wasn't quite big enough to surround the whole 6x4 photo so I had to do a bit of patch work - but I spaced the polka dots evenly so you don't notice. I also added a little strip of the same navy polka dots at the top and bottom.

4) Acetate: I cut 2 circles of the acetate to add in around the sticker buttons. I used the left over strips in the the cluster at the top and bottom.

5) Felt: The kite, the orange stars and the details on the owl are felt pieces. Oh and the kite had one orange section which I removed and cut a yellow replacement for. I also removed the orange bow from the kite string, and spaced the remaining ones evenly. As I had included the orange stars on the page, I used the orange bow as a bow tie for the owl chipboard shape.

Lots of textures and dimensional interest.

I had a lot of fun with this second layout, using almost nothing as it came.

 1) Stickers: The kite was a sticker that I stuck onto white card and fussy cut before adhering with foam. The pale blue plus shapes are also cut from the sticker sheet.

2) Chipboard birds: I also doodled on this one with pens, but kept it to a minimum.

3) Envelopes: I chopped them all up for this layout - the photo is back with three different envelopes. I also chopped up another one to cut the number 4 title from.

4) Acetate: I made three plus shapes from the centre of the frame acetate piece which has little blue lines on it. I adhered them with blue staples.

5) Felt: I also cut three plus shapes from the yellow felt pieces - one had to be pieced together as I didn't have enough for three of them.

The photo didn't print perfect, but I would rather have the photo scrapped, a page done and a memory preserved.

1) Stickers: I punched a bunch of stars in two sizes from the pale blue sticker. I also used the surround from the number 1 as part of my long title.

2) Chipboard birds: This one used the backing piece from the chipboard birds (which had been used long before). I had already backed one with the dark pink patterned paper. I back the other with white tissue (which I also backed the photo with).

3) Envelopes: I actually used a whole envelope on this layout - the dimension wasn't an issue as the chipboard piece was also bulky. The strips down the edge are from the envelopes as well, along with the one arrow/ chevron.

4) Acetate: Little punched stars.

5) Felt: The brown star.

This photo was a left over from doing my son's first Christmas, and instead of doing another page about his first Christmas I decided I would do a page about my first Christmas as a mum. I tend to do all the photos of him in his album, but being a parent needs to be included in my own album as well as my husbands one, so I will be doing some of those soon.

And of course it is a Christmas layout without a particularly Christmas theme - but i'm in a pink t-shirt and I am a girl, so I'm happy with a pink layout!

I did manage to include all 5 items on each of the three layouts, even if it was only a little bit! I was really fun to do, and I could've done a ton more with the amount of product I still had but I'd had enough after three layouts. The layouts might not be magazine worthy, but the memories are preserved, the photos are scrapped and it was a fun challenge!

Thanks for stopping by today,
see you again next week.
Jessica T


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