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Back in August I participated in a scrapbook challenge that was to do a layout using white and silver (you can see my post for that here - I actually won that challenge! ) If you're a follower of my blog you will notice I've been doing those challenges for a few months now. Anyway, after I've sorted through my entire stash to find everything in the current months colour, I often don't stop with just the one layout - I make a second, or sometimes the second one is mostly based on the original colour but I do use additional colours since it is not for the challenge.

Today's layout is the second one I made using silver/ light grey as the one colour other than white.

I tried something different this time in the form of a large photo, as well as a very large title (in terms of alpha size).

Since it is a travel photo I hauled out my very very old stamp set with a travel theme and used some of the words from it (in three areas of the layout), as well as the clouds, and used arrows from other stamp sets for the movement aspect of travelling and bicycling.

I used many layers of light grey patterned papers, I also used grey washi tape, and I stitched the photo to the patterned paper layers with grey thread.

I stitched the chipboard alphas to the page using grey thread in a zigzag stitch on the wide parts of the letters, and a straight stitch on the thin parts (going around the curves was tricky - it is not as noticeable when you're not looking close up!). Oh, and I also added some silver ink with my finger on the edge of the letters in some areas for shading.

I also used this die cut bicycle, which is the same size as the bicycle in the photo - something I don't tend to do (I typically stick to small embellishments) - and to make it look like it's not just floating there randomly, I added in white mesh behind it, inside the letter C.

A bit of a different one today (I feel like i'm saying that every time ??? I do like to play and experiment). This one is busy. Lots of patterned papers. And I probably wouldn't have just done it in this monotone fashion if it wasn't for the challenge. Since I didn't choose this one to enter, maybe I'll go back to it and add some pops of bright blue in the colour of the sky and ocean around the page ???

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have found something to inspire you.

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